Title: Direct Care Worker

Salary: Based on experience

Location: Katy, Texas

Job Information:

Kambi care is seeking dynamic individuals who are interested in providing direct care services for clients with special needs. This position is responsible for providing a safe environment for our special needs clients and engaging each one in a loving manner and being patient enough to receive love in return. Also, when requested by clients, direct care workers will assist clients in all areas of daily living with gentle encouragement.

Job Description:

Supervise special needs clients and set appropriate behavioral limits. Staff are authorized to take reasonable action necessary to carry out responsibilities assigned as long as such action does not deviate from established organizational policies and is consistent with program guidelines and sound professional judgment

Maintain positive relationships with clients, staff as well as have a good rapport with therapists, student interns, families, and volunteers

Chart clients’ daily progress and activities completely and accurately

Document all serious incidents completely, accurately, and in a timely manner

Implement social and recreational activities

Provide input into development of treatment plans as appropriate

Utilize positive client management techniques including verbal redirection, de-escalations and containment

Participate in group therapy sessions for clients, as necessary

Participate in daily community meetings

Teach constructive behavior and social skills

Teach realistic problem-solving behaviors, responsible time and money management, and life skills

Assist clients with homework assignments, when necessary

Teach good personal hygiene skills

Reinforce positive behavior by providing healthy, positive incentives for clients

Maintain appropriate boundaries with clients at all times

Be a positive role model for clients

Maintain an orderly and clean living area

Oversee daily chores

Assume responsibility for transportation

Assist in orientation of new clients

Provide proper Therapeutic Crisis Intervention when required or directed by staff

Gain a working knowledge of policies


Must be responsible and committed

Be willing to learn and take directions

Works well with other

Ability to set and enforce behavioral limits

Excellent communication skills

Ability to work collaboratively with other staff members, service providers and professionals

Capacity to maintain a helping role and to intervene appropriately in order to meet service goals

Ability to function independently and in a team setting


At least one (1) year employment and/or volunteer experience in the special needs welfare field working directly with special needs children/and or adults

Knowledge of human behavior and development preferred.

Possess a valid driver’s license and have an excellent driving record.

High School Diploma/GED


Flexible Schedule

Be available for training if not already trained

Reliable Transportation

Ability to lift up to 120 pounds safely with assistance

Must maintain certification in CPR/First Aid/SAMA

Must pass a criminal background check

Equal Opportunity Employer

KAMBI Care, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer and offers both Full and Part-Time paid employment and non paid internships that support the development of our mission.

How to apply:

For individuals seeking employment with KAMBI Care, please email your resume and cover letter to careers@kambicare.com. Please include the applicable job title in the subject line. Thank you.

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KAMBI CARE offers its special needs clients enriching activities with a focus on developing social skills; giving primary caretakers the peace of mind that their loved one is in a safe, nurturing and secure environment.



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KAMBI CARE offers its special needs clients enriching activities with a focus on developing social skills; giving primary caretakers the peace of mind that their loved one is in a safe, nurturing and secure environment.